The Principal Methods To Advertise Your Instrumentals Online

Published: 19th April 2012
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Just like the rap game and rappers, the best producers are not necessarily the ones that are famous and some may even be completely unnoticed. However, getting noticed and getting the right recognition is something more than music. Getting famous in the production industry is not about the quality of the music anymore! You either have to know somebody or you have to figure out a way to market your beats to the millions of rappers worldwide. In person marketing is a thing of the past in this business. Fortunately for you, I am going to show you the top 3 ways that you can promote your instrumentals on the internet!

Rapper Sites

Rap communities are one of the best ways to sell your beats online. It doesn't take too much knowledge to market yourself and your beats on sites like Soundclick, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, and the hundreds of other sites, like emcee forums, that rappers commonly go to. I know of producers that make thousands every month from selling beats on Soundclick alone! Just getting yourself out there on these sites the right way can boost your sales by large amounts. This method takes the average amount of marketing compared to the other two methods listed below.

Personal Website

By far, this method is the hardest way to market yourself to sell your beats online. Even though the marketing will be hard, you have the best chance to make the most money with this method. If you want your site to succeed and to make money, you will have to research how to market a website online. Also, this is definitely the long term version for selling beats, so you can implement that other two methods while you are marketing your own site and waiting for the buyers to roll in! There is no doubt that you should be doing this method if you want to make the most money with your production talent!

Instrumental Selling Websites

One of the easiest ways to sell beats online is to put your beats up on sites that are made to sell beats on. RocBattle and MyBeatShop are some common sites that producers will put their beats on to try and makes sales. Since these sites are very well marketing, producers think they have better chances selling beats here. However, producers go to these sites more than rappers. Also, lets not even talk about the level of competition on these sites. Cheap Hip Hop Beats is one site that you can apply to and if you are hot enough, you can join their production team. You can make a good chunk of the profits from the beat sales and receive all the marketing you will ever need for free!

In the past, selling beats in person and sending in instrumental demos was the way to get recognition and make money. Now, the internet has changed the whole Hip Hop game. The methods in this article are now the top ways to sell your beats and make money. However, don't think that you have to choose one and just go with it. If you want, you can test out all the methods or just go with all three. Remember, the more places that your beats are for sale, the better your chances to actually make a sale! I hope these methods help you out!

Cheap Hip Hop Beats is one of the primary sites that beat makers can apply for in addition to sell their Cheap Beats on the internet. Go to their page if you are interested! Additionally, you can go to this extra Instrumental Associated Piece.

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